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DataSnack: France spends more on Champagne than the US and the UK – gb

Pola Zen
February 16, 2018
Read Time: 1min

Our data analysts recently looked into the digital shopping behavior of consumers in the US, France, and the UK, tracking items traditionally given as gifts.

They analyzed average wine and booze carts to see which class of drink drives the highest order values in each country.

France predictably spends the most on Champagne, with a $195.81 average cart for bubbles. The UK puts its pounds into fine wine, coming in second with a $164.39 cart average. The US saves its dollars for spirits, coming in third with a $139.82 cart average.

To find out more about the gifting behavior of those three countries, read our Digital Gifting report.


Pola Zen

Pola is ContentSquare’s Director of Content. A storyteller at heart, she is fascinated by how the right content has the power to connect people to people, ideas and brands.