Creating value for tomorrow’s CX leaders: personal thoughts on our growth in 2020


Jonathan Cherki

February 11, 2021 | 3 min read

This time last year, the entire Contentsquare team had just come back from our annual company-wide Kickoff event, two hours north of Paris. We had just spent three days together — all 580 of us — looking back at the year gone by, and firming up our vision for 2020. We had big plans. 

Six weeks later, like businesses all over the world, we had to rethink those big plans, and adapt overnight to a situation no one could have predicted. 

And twelve months later, we’ve just wrapped up another Kickoff, except this time there are 740 of us, not 580, and we gathered over Zoom instead of the French countryside. And the team isn’t the only thing that’s grown — this year we welcomed 200 new clients, opened 3 new offices, released 3 new products, acquired 2 companies, and raised $190M in Series D funding. 

A record-breaking year for Contentsquare

It’s been a year of exciting growth for the company, because it’s been a year of huge value creation — value created for our customers that went digital-only or digital-mostly overnight. For the brands that had to rethink their customer experience (CX), services and even products to meet new consumer priorities with funnel optimization tools, heatmap analytics, and AI insights. 

I’m especially proud that we managed to close our best quarter ever during such a turbulent year; it rewards our focus on innovation and excellence, of course, but it’s also a reminder that customer experience really is the big differentiator today, and that customer insight is key to digital success.

The other amazing thing about the last twelve months is that we’ve never partnered with such a wide range of brands, across all industries — proving customer experience is no longer just a priority for retailers, but for anyone connecting with others digitally. From biotech to manufacturing, airlines to auto makers — it’s exciting to see that we share our vision for a brighter digital future with leaders in all fields. 

We’re thrilled to welcome inspiring new brands to our client community, including BMW, Diesel, FedEx, Accor, and many others. We’re honored to be in such incredible company, and we look forward to raising the bar for CX together.

Innovation to improve customer experiences

A recent survey we conducted showed that only 23% of consumers in the US feel happy shopping online. And ultimately, what all brands have in common is making their customers happy. So when 76% of marketers say they can’t accurately measure customer happiness, we know we have a role to play. 

If 2020 was the year of adapting, then 2021 is the year of listening to customers. As consumers, we noticed how brands addressed our concerns last year — how they went over and above to make us feel safe, understood, connected, valued. 

Helping brands improve the experience for their customers is what drives our innovation roadmap, here at Contentsquare. This year, we enhanced our solution by acquiring Dareboost, and adding their performance monitoring technology to our brand new Find & Fix feature. 

And because our mission is to empower brands to create better digital experiences not just for some people, but for all, we also made the decision to acquire an inspiring accessibility software company called AdaptMyWeb. We also created the Contentsquare Foundation to increase the availability of accessibility technology across the industry, including for universities, schools, and healthcare organizations.

Over the next twelve months, we’ll be working closely with our clients and the 100+ partners in our new Experience Partner Ecosystem on developing even more business-driven innovations, and constantly enriching our solution so our customers stay ahead of the curve.

One team, one (customer experience) dream

So how did we get here — to our biggest quarter, our biggest year, and to this incredible global community of customers and partners? Well, this year’s success has everything to do with the creativity and dedication of our amazing team. 

We said last year we would put our customers and innovation first, and we did. In 2020, we collected 200 billion pageviews, released 52 new projects from our product roadmap, and completed 75 technology integrations.

From helping our clients make digital adjustments overnight to supporting them through a uniquely important holiday season, the team has gone out of its way to show their commitment to our clients’ success during this difficult year. It’s why we hear time and time again that clients love our product, yes, but they also love our team. 

During our 2020 kickoff, I asked the team what I ask them every year — to think big and go beyond themselves. And they really did.

I’m so proud of what we accomplished together last year, and of how far we’ve come since I founded Contentsquare in 2012. And while I’d rather be celebrating this new company milestone in person with the whole team, and with our clients and partners, I know we will be able to soon.

It’s been a big year, but 2021 is going to be even bigger.