ContentSquare strengthens Southern Europe presence with partnership


Camila Florez

November 7, 2018 | 2 min read

Leading UX Analytics company ContentSquare has announced that it has reached an agreement with, Italy’s top price comparator website, to work on the optimization of the site’s digital platform. As’s official UX analytics solution provider, ContentSquare will provide the company with the tools and training to surface crucial behavioural insights.

This partnership is in line with ContentSquare’s recent development efforts to strengthen its presence in new regions. In early 2018, the French tech company received an additional $42M in funding allowing it to invest more in offering its solution to new regions, including Italy.

We’re excited to be furthering our presence in the Italian market. ContentSquare already has a steady roster of corporate clients in France, given the number of years we’ve been operating there. However, the company is quite new in the South European Market – but we see a lot of potential in this region VP South Europe Arnaud Chapis says.

As one of the most prominent members of the French tech start-up scene, ContentSquare has helped more than 200 clients to optimize their digital channels, including Clarks, Desigual, MediaMarkt, Harvey Nichols, Carrefour, L’Occitane and many others.’s Communications Director Andrea Polo says it was ContentSquare’s usability across different industries that appealed to them. Every industry has different considerations, with varying bottlenecks or pain points. There are so many steps along the way where the customer can disengage. We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, no matter what industry price they are comparing. We need to make sure our UX, content, and every single element on the website contributes to conversions.”

ContentSquare plans to address this need by making use of big data and artificial intelligence to see more nuanced customer behavioural events such as hesitation time, frustration points, and engagement level.

With millions of people visiting the website, there are certainly segments with different motivations, levels of purchasing power and budget. Every segment will require a different online journey. The ContentSquare solution studies all the web sessions, every single customer journey, and aggregates these into an easy-to-understand visual data. It will therefore be a lot easier for to garner insights and optimise their platforms for each customer segment Chapis explains. looks forward to having access to this visualized data. “Ours is a very data-heavy process. As a price comparator website, we help our customers compare prices for their different needs – insurances, mortgages, utilities and so on. We are happy to have found a partner that has experience working with these various industries, that will aggregate this data in an actionable manner, and that will truly help us optimize the online customer journey” Polo adds.

Besides, ContentSquare has made waves in expanding outside of its sales territories in France and the UK, having formed new partnerships with Spanish fashion giant Desigual and Italy’s Leroy Merlin and Sisal, as well as establishing new sales offices in the USA at the beginning of 2017, and in Germany in early 2018.