Contentsquare Partners with Digital Transformation Consultancy Openbox



January 25, 2022 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Contentsquare Partners with Digital Transformation Consultancy Openbox 

Digital experience analytics will prove essential for financial market

January 25, 2022 – London, UKContentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics, today announced Openbox as their first Scotland-based consultancy partner. Openbox are specialists in designing engaging experiences within the financial service sector and are one of the main financial services partners of Contentsquare. With expertise accompanying major financial institutions on their digital transformation journey, Openbox is a digital-first consultancy specialised in helping brands design first-class experiences for their financial customers. 

The Openbox consultancy consists of product design and experience, insights and analytics, and technology and engineering services. Core areas include digital experience strategy for financial services innovation, experimentation, experience & UX design, usability & A/B testing, behavioural analytics, customer insights and conversion rate optimisation.

Openbox consultants have worked with most major banks in the UK and have saved in excess of £3 Million+ for their clients. Founders Laura Rae and Kevin Ryan have deep experience in the finance sector, having worked with J.P. Morgan, Clydesdale Bank, Lloyds, and Natwest Group throughout their careers.

“Openbox is helping our clients increase digital adoption and customer satisfaction in this partnership, and they bring a focused capability for Contentsquare. We’re pleased to expand to support growth in a finance focused market,” said David Wise, Partner Sales Director, Contentsquare.

“We are delighted to be part of the Contentsquare ecosystem. We take into consideration the great insight provided by Contentsquare and handle the “so what?” part of digital experience analytics to enable delivery of improvements,” said Openbox co-founder Laura Rae.

About Contentsquare

Contentsquare empowers brands to build better digital experiences. Its experience analytics platform tracks and visualizes billions of digital behaviors, delivering intelligent recommendations that everyone can use to grow revenue, increase loyalty and fuel innovation. Founded in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare has since opened offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Today, it helps more than 800 enterprises globally deliver better digital experiences for their customers. Visit to find out more.

About Openbox

We are a customer first digital consultancy with a focus on best-in-class experience for our clients. We have a wealth of experience in the financial sector meaning that we are well versed in best practises to support our clients. We help to understand user segments and discover actionable insights. This allows us to help get the most out of what you know about customer behaviour, so that you can offer personalised experiences at scale, driving an increase in customer satisfaction and digital adoption.  

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