How Contentsquare is Helping The French Government Fight Covid-19



October 6, 2020 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Since the onset of the pandemic, people have been scrambling to find accurate, reliable sources of information on the virus and how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. In France, many people turned to the Government Information Service (SIG), or the government agency in charge of official Covid-19 communications, for credible information about the virus. 

The SIG’s coronavirus website has been a destination for the latest up-to-date Covid-19 information including how to recognize common symptoms, where to get tested, the latest local infection rates, travel restrictions, and more. These pages allow French users to find the answers to all of their questions related to the virus. Because the organization was putting out such critical and timely information, the SIG wanted to make sure users were able to easily find and access the content they needed to stay informed on how to manage the spread of the virus. 

Over the past months, Contentsquare has been partnering with the SIG, giving the agency free access to its experience analytics platform to help government teams optimize the journey for visitors to the Covid-19 site.

“Faced with the impact of Covid-19 on the daily lives of French people, it is essential for the government to offer French people a point of reference and quality,” explained Michaël Nathan, the Managing Director of the Government Information Service (SIG). “These informational pages must be user-friendly and accessible so that everyone can find answers in just a few clicks.” 

“Our top priority is eliminating user frustration and misunderstanding for our visitors. We would have failed if a visitor couldn’t find key information to safeguard their health or aid their daily life. That’s why we accepted Contentsquare’s offer to help optimize navigation on the government site,” said Nathan.  

Using Contentsquare insights, the agency was able to understand how users were interacting with the site, which in turn allowed them to build a clearer, more fluid navigation. Using behavioral data to inform their daily adjustments and page modifications, they were able to ensure users find answers to their questions in just a few clicks.

“We wanted to feel useful and be part of the outpouring of solidarity that we have seen all over France and around the world,” commented Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of Contentsquare. “Helping the government optimize the design of its Covid-19 information website, seemed liked an obvious move to us, and we hope that it has made everyday life easier for the French people.”

Once quarantine orders had lifted, the SIG broadened their use of the platform to analyze the performance of the whole site (the homepage, research pages, etc.) to identify areas for improvement as part of an upcoming website design overhaul. Now, reliable information is just a click away.