Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a Lot More than Just Beer – gb


Pola Zen

March 15, 2018 | 1 min read

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday known for indulging and sharing alcohol among friends. Knowing this, we set out to capture what the age of the internet meant for Americans celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this year, and how digital experiences would be influenced by it. Our assumption was that online shoppers would be purchasing a lot more than just beer and Irish whiskey. The actual analysis did not disappoint. Here are the nuggets of data we found:

  • 17.14% of people will make a drunk, online purchase this Saint Patrick’s Day (!)
  • In total, consumers will spend $233M on online purchases that day while under the influence of alcohol
  • It’s estimated that Saint Patrick’s Day shoppers will spend over $58M on clothes, $27M on events such as concerts or sporting events and $25M on technology purchases.

Curious to see who are making these purchases and for who? Check out these data-packed charts below!

Men vs Women:

Men are 38% more likely to make an intoxicated online purchase this year than women.

Age Group Breakdown

Millennials (21-34) are more likely to make an online drunk purchase this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Who will people shop for in this Saint Patrick’s Day?

People are most likely to shop for themselves during Saint Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of shopping for others, who do you think does it better – US, UK or France? Read our Digital Gifting Report to find out!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!