#Breakthebias for International Women’s Day 2022 at Contentsquare



March 8, 2022 | 2 min read

To celebrate and honor International Women’s Day 2022, Contentsquare employees from all around the world put together a #breakthebias video. We asked our wonderful employees across different teams to:

  1. Choose a negative word used to describe women and write it on an A4 white sheet of paper in a black marker (make sure it’s clear to read).
  2. Then film yourself: Holding it up in front of you for 3 seconds (without speaking). Rip up, scrunch up, or drop that negative word. Wait for 3 seconds and then SAY OUT LOUD the positive word you’d like to replace it with.

Our inspirational female leaders including, Niki Hall, Chief Marketing Officer (who shares her top women mentors in a blog post), Celia Dorr, Chief People Officer, Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer, Orly Lynn, Global VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Victoire de Villepin, Chief of Staff, as well as men advocating for women across the company, participated in the video to #breakthebias.

Press play to watch the video 👇

The results of our #breakthebias video? Truly inspiring.

🚀 Persistent replaces nagging,
🏔 Ambitious replaces opportunistic,
😎 Confident replaces bossy, stubborn, and b*tchy
✈️ Decisive replaces abrupt and bossy (in the form of a paper airplane going places!)
💙 Passionate replaces emotional and angry
🤝 The Boss replaces bossy,
⚡ Assertive and Firm replaces aggressive (as seen with Orly Lynn sporting a “Femme Vibes” t-shirt!)
✨ Sociabble replaces bubbly, and
😇 Empathetic replaces sensitive.

Take a look at some photos we’ve captured from the exercise below!

Célia DorrTravis

Our Chief People Officer, Celia Dorr, and Global VP, Corporate Development, Travis Burke #breakthebias

We’re proud to #breakthebias

Contentsquare is filled with many inspiring women (and men!) contributing to every area of the company, from product development to design, via customer success and marketing — represented across all departments.

On this important day and beyond, we honor these incredible individuals who help make our culture strong. Together, we can #BreaktheBias.

“Our employees across Contentsquare are not afraid to speak up to #breakthebias. We’re proud that we have so many team members across our organization who took time out of their days to honor International Women’s Day.”  —Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of Contentsquare