How Brands Optimize Their Customer Experience For Search Rankings With Contentsquare’s Find & Fix



April 27, 2021 | 2 min read

New York, 27 April 2021 — Leading experience analytics company Contentsquare has been helping some of the world’s most recognized brands troubleshoot their customer experience (CX) to ensure they are not being let down by site performance.

Google’s announcement that a brand’s site experience will soon impact search rankings is just the latest opportunity increasing interest in Contentsquare’s unique experience KPIs as a strategic capability for marketers.

Within Contentsquare’s platform, Contentsquare Find & Fix enables both business and technical teams to surface the points of friction and their technical root causes impacting customer experiences, such as JS and API errors, slow performance, and any kind of error messages that are visible to site visitors. It also allows teams to quantify the revenue being lost to errors and prioritize fixes effectively.

“When you’re innovating rapidly to deliver best in class experiences to your global customer base, you can’t afford to be slowed down by technical performance,” said Yassine Hachem, VP Guest Digital Products at Accor. “Contentsquare enables our team to address issues and eliminate potential frustrations proactively before customers experience them.”

Launched with Contentsquare’s October 2020 acquisition of Dareboost, Web Performance Monitoring is one of the capabilities within Contentsquare Find & Fix, delivering insights to marketers on loading performance issues (pages, images, script, cookies, 3rd party, etc.) and how these are impacting end users and outcomes.

Synergetic use cases that help brands improve the Core Web Vitals that factor into SEO rankings include the following:

  • Providing business and technical users with benchmarks on their page performance and specific recommendations for improving performance, which factors into Core Web Vitals
  • Enabling marketers to assess the effectiveness of each content element on the page for engaging and encouraging customers on their journey to conversion and to eliminate under-performing elements in order to speed up page performance
  • Improving engagement through content and merchandising without resorting to modal windows (pop-ups) and page takeovers that can hurt Google’s rating of the page experience

With customer experience as the main competitive differentiator, having the ability to pinpoint and remedy experience shortfalls in real-time is a must-have,” said Contentsquare Chief Marketing Officer Niki Hall. “Contentsquare is the only complete solution for experience analytics helping customers cover all use cases from troubleshooting to innovation at scale and empowering all roles to turn customer insights into business efficiencies and revenue.”

Contentsquare and Adobe:

Contentsquare’s platform complements Adobe Experience Cloud by:

  • Empowering all Adobe users with visual and AI-based insights into customer experiences,
  • Helping them align around customer wants and needs, and
  • Guiding them to the most promising A/B tests, personalization, content and merchandising strategies for optimizing any aspect of the experiences that they are creating with the Adobe Experience Cloud – across the entire funnel from top to bottom.

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