Body&Fit partners with Contentsquare to accelerate market expansion



October 20, 2020 | 4 min read

Contentsquare, the industry-leading experience analytics platform, has today partnered with leading Dutch sports, health and wellbeing brand Body&Fit, to accelerate their market expansion and to deliver a better experience for their customers during this year’s digital shift in priorities.


Contentsquare will help Body&Fit understand customer behaviour on their website quickly and easily. Moving away from deep-diving into hours of Google 360 reports, data and session replays, the digital teams at Body&Fit can now access easy to understand, visual data within minutes.

“The first thing that drew me to the platform is its visualisation of our site and the multiple metrics you can see such as revenue, scroll rate, engagement, and conversion. It makes the data that’s hard to find in Google very simple and easy to use for all levels.

I love the fact that it starts at the top in regards to the data, and then leads you to session replays. Most tools start with the video session and you’re forced to work backwards in other tools to find out what the problems were. Contentsquare starts at the right place.”

  • Matthew Gyeni, Global Head of Digital Trading


“If there’s no data it’s just opinions. We’ve been living in a bed full of opinions and we really believe Contentsquare is going to drive some insightful and more informed decisions. Everyone in the business can feel more confident that the decisions we are making are the right decisions.”

  • Matthew Gyeni, Global Head of Digital Trading

Body&Fit will use Contentsquare as a single source of data to help identify problems, draw conclusions, inform solutions, and analyse their success or failure. Using the platform, Body&Fit will be able to shift the way the business works for the better, by arming everyone with data to inform their decisions. 

This will be especially important for Body&Fit’s testing roadmap. Understanding how to build content, videos, and pages can be a laborious process. Contentsquare will allow testing with more agility, backed by insights, which will enable the team to run more targeted tests and better understand which content to invest in.


“We’ve been desperate to understand how our consumers interact and engage with which types of content, which markets, which devices, and when. We believe Contentsquare will answer all those questions.”

  • Matthew Gyeni, Global Head of Digital Trading

Body&Fit have already identified three key areas where Contentsquare will immediately surface insights and answer the “why” behind user behaviour:

  1. Product Detail Pages – Contentsquare has already identified that 50% of traffic lands on a PDP, but with a 70% drop-off rate.
  2. Checkout – A disproportionate amount of cancellations in the checkout.
  3. Product Listing Page – A low scroll rate for customers on PLPs. 

Matthew Gyeni, Global Head of Digital Trading commented: “The exciting part is having a source of data that can be presented to all that is very clear and easy to understand. I believe using this platform we’re going to shift the way that we work for the better of the business, and I think that’s very exciting. When you add technology to your portfolio and to your working place, this is what you want a platform to do, you want a platform to shift the way you work for the better. Many tools promise this, but not a lot deliver this.”

Tjeerd van der Putten, Director Netherlands, Contentsquare said: We’re delighted to welcome Body & Fit to our growing portfolio of enterprises and retail clients choosing Contentsquare to enhance their understanding of how and why their digital visitors behave.

Being able to empower everyone in the digital team to feel comfortable working with data and having quick and easy access to relevant information, will help Body&Fit to be super agile and give them the competitive edge they need whilst growing rapidly in other markets. By replacing gut feeling with tangible results, reducing time spent digging for data, and wasting fewer expensive resources, the whole team will be able to work more efficiently and optimise more impactfully.

Contentsquare recently extended its capabilities with four new modules. Users can now automatically surfacing and quantifying the biggest issues and opportunities for improvement across an entire website or app, empowering teams to confidently maximise engagement and revenue. Contentsquare’s integrated support for both troubleshooting and innovation is unique and key to its customers’ success.

To hear more about gaining insights at speed, join Contentsquare and Beerwulf at the Virtual Power Hour on November 13th. A virtual event focused on giving Dutch digital teams quick wins on data-led insights. Sign up for free here.

About ContentSquare

Contentsquare empowers brands to build better digital experiences. 

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Founded in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare has since opened offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv and Tokyo. Today, it helps more than 700 enterprises in 25 countries deliver better digital experiences for their customers. Visit to find out more.

About Body&Fit

Founded in the Netherlands, Body&Fit are a market leader in fitness nutrition, supplying sports, lifestyle and fitness performance products all over the world since 1995.

They are on a mission to inspire the world to live a fitter and healthier life. We’re driven by a simple belief — life is happier when you feel fit, healthy, and confident, Body&Fit takes every step they can to support their people and worldwide consumer base, like staying on top of the latest developments in performance nutrition and bringing products to all their consumers by opening new webshops across the world.