Articles and Research|August 31, 2017

Announcing the Rebel Conference for Ecommerce Leaders

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had enough of attending overpriced industry conferences that promise much in the way of valuable new insights but deliver precious little.

So when it came to building our own conference we were determined to do something different.

We want every single one of our guests to leave with new ideas that will have them returning to their desk in the afternoon with a smile, a sense of excitement and plenty of actionable insights to immediately apply to their roles.

So we’ve created a rebel conference for ecommerce leaders,

We’ve curated a selection of talks designed for leaders in ecommerce, UX and analytics to prepare them for the constantly evolving, fast-paced present and future of ecommerce and UX optimisation. A series of lightning talks by industry experts, crafted to be short, sweet and straight to the point: zero boring waffle, and all actionable insights.

But what’s our biggest bugbear about conferences? It’s that delegates often come to soak up information but feel afraid to truly participate and share. We decided to throw together the least likely pairings, mixing groups across sectors, giving you the opportunity to gain cross-industry insights. You’d be surprised at what you can unexpectedly learn from your ecommerce counterparts across different sectors. And if roundtable participation isn’t your jam, we’ll be simultaneously hosting a ping-pong tournament.

At the end of it all we’ll be producing a report packed with insights surfaced directly from the event. It will be a culmination of the thoughts provided by all attendees, making every single delegate a co-author.

To make sure that every single piece of insight shared is relevant to you, we’ll be carefully handpicking our guests. This is not for the 90%, this if for the few. If you’re an ecommerce leader and willing to travel to London, join the rebellion now at

Mathew Robinson

Matthew is the UK Head of Marketing based in ContentSquare’s London office. In this role he leads strategic vertical demand generation campaigns and communications as well as occasionally writing about himself in the third person. In his spare time Matthew enjoys jaunts to pretentious pop-ups, desperately tries to cram in as many trips abroad as possible just for the Instagram likes and tries in vain to understand why anyone would have any other pizza topping than pepperoni.

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