Are You an Experience Maker? 3 Key Takeaways from Adobe Summit 2018



April 10, 2018 | 2 min read

The annual Adobe Summit conference never ceases to amaze, and the 2018 edition has done so once again – this time for over 13,000 lovers of all things digital. After three intense days immersed in inspiring sessions and discussions, it’s time to boil it all down to what really matters – are you an Experience Maker?

Without a doubt, ‘experience’ was the main focus of the conference, diving ever deeper into the creation of positive customer experiences, what leading brands are doing today to achieve this, and how each and every marketer can become what Adobe calls an ‘Experience Maker.’

Here are our 3 key takeaways from Summit that sum up how brands and marketers can become Experience Makers.


It all starts in the mind. We need to truly recognize that today’s consumers are not only buying experiences over products, but they are also differentiating between brands according to their own personal experiences. This is what guides them to purchase a new pair of shoes or smartphone from one brand over many others.

Most marketers know this already, but do we truly comprehend the concept? Do brands have the “Experience Maker” mindset and do we act upon it when creating and managing digital customer touchpoints?



It’s vital that brands do not just pay lip service to cretaing the best possible experiences, which means investing in the right talent – in true Experience Makers. As John Mellor, VP Experience Cloud Strategy and Business Operations at Adobe stated in his keynote, the change needs to start from within the organization; from the bottom up.

The transformation will come from the “champions of change” who have the right mindset, and focus on experience in absolutely everything they do – from digital marketing, to content, to analytics and data science.


Mindset? Check. Talent? Check. All that’s left is to have the right customer experience solutions to make this happen.

Experience Analytics provides the Experience Maker with what they need to measure customer experiences, analyze and compare them, organize all that experience data and then translate it into actual insights. This can be activated to create bigger and better experiences which not only bring real business results, but, more importantly, build customer loyalty and become the key differentiator for customers.


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