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March 11, 2021 | 4 min read

We sat down with Sheri Kruzel, Senior Product Manager at Ace & Tate, to find out why she and her team are so excited to get their hands on Contentsquare – the industry-leading experience analytics platform.

About Sheri and her team:

Sheri is responsible for the front-end team, including 4 developers and a UX lead. They’re responsible for website updates and POS, optimizing the conversion funnel, and online sales.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs this year with Covid, but online sales have peaked. This is something we want to continue to keep growing, even when stores are opening up again.”

We asked Sheri, what are your key priorities this year?

“With stores reopening, we want to continue to keep this momentum for online going. To do this, we need to understand user behaviors so we can optimize the journeys that work the best.

With eyewear, it’s a very high-touch product. You want to feel the product, try it on your face, know that the size fits well. There are lots of services you can start to implement like virtual try-on, home-try-on, style advice – but you really need to understand how these work, what the conversion rates are, and new ways to optimize those flows. That’s where Contentsquare comes in.

We know as a company that we need to take an omnichannel approach, as customers getting a prescription is one of the most important parts of the experience. Therefore a key journey we optimize is the eye test booking flow to drive new customers in-store to see an optician. Once they have their prescription we make sure it’s available within their account so making that next purchase online is much easier. Understanding how our customers navigate between channels, and the reasons why, is crucial.”

What challenges are you facing?

“We’ve been relying on Google Analytics, which is a great tool, but comes with its own challenges. Alongside the many hats I wear in my role, I’m also responsible for GA and setting up data layer events, which means knowing beforehand what I want to dig into, setting up those reports, being able to filter them down, and hoping that we’re gathering the right insights.”

Sheri paints us a picture.

“For example, we rebuilt our checkout last year. We have multiple checkouts – regular, home try-on, prescription, and non-prescription. But in GA, that data all gets captured in the regular checkout funnel. 

Segmenting all of those meant I had about 20 segments built in GA to get mobile vs desktop, country, purchase or try-on. This took me about 4 hours a week to pull the data, but it was something I really needed to be on top of, as if anything went wrong in the checkout it could be really detrimental to sales.”

“One of the biggest things we noticed when comparing Contentsquare to competitors, was that they all had the downfall of having to tag everything. With Contentsquare, it’s simple. It’s straight out of the box with one tag, minimal set up, and you’re up and running.”

Who’s going to be using the Contentsquare platform?

“I’m so excited to have data responsibility shared across more people in the team. Product and marketing will definitely be using the customer journey analysis to understand how our landing pages are working, how customers are going through our funnels, and how to optimize our campaigns. 

In GA there is a big learning curve to be able to really dig in and find what you need. With Contentsquare, there’s no getting hung up on where to start. It’s so much simpler and my team feels like they can really achieve something with the data. 

Not only that, the data in Contentsquare is so visual. Yes, other tools have dashboards, but they don’t offer a whole lot more than GA does. But with Contentsquare’s Zoning and Journey Analysis, anyone can grasp what they are showing. No digging, no guessing, just meaningful data.”

Saying goodbye to homepage (and other) debates…

“I’m sure every company everywhere has a similar discussion around their homepage: Should we have a carousel? What content should be there? Should we have more marketing images or conversion-driving content? Should we push people online or to the store?

Before Contentsquare’s Zone-based Heatmaps, we couldn’t definitively say what was working or not. GA can tell us who clicked on what. But what does that tell us? Maybe they were attracted to that image, but it doesn’t indicate the performance of that element. With Contentsquare we can now understand if that click led to conversion, revenue, and the goals that matter to our business. It’s a huge opportunity.”

A little word from us at Contentsquare:

“Ace & Tate has shown impressive growth as a company. I’ve seen the company start in Amsterdam in 2013, and being a customer myself (two pairs at the moment, looking for a third…), I immediately fell in love with the proposition and branding. The experiences I had in-store were always positive and so it’s crucial, now more than ever, that they are able to replicate this experience online. By being one of the early adopters in the Netherlands and taking the step to invest in digital experience analytics, it’s a huge sign to the market.”

  • Tjeerd van der Putten, Director Netherlands, Contentsquare

About Contentsquare

We’re on a mission to give every digital team the ability to measure how their actions affect the user experience on their website, mobile sites, and apps. Not just the analysts. Not just some of the time. Not just some of the data.

Our platform tracks billions of digital interactions and turns these behaviors into intelligent recommendations everyone can use to improve digital experiences, grow revenue and fuel innovation. 

About Ace & Tate

Founded in 2013, Ace & Tate is an eyewear brand from Amsterdam, offering thoughtfully-designed frames at transparent prices, from €100 including prescription lenses, and €300 for varifocal. Ace & Tate celebrates bold views by collaborating with and supporting creative, forward-thinking individuals. Through responsible and conscious actions, the brand is on a mission to become an engine for positive change in the industry.