The visitor now call all the shots in terms of consumption, and their message is clear: “Show me what you are selling and, more importantly, make me want to buy.” Consumers are no longer seeking the best price before making a purchase; they are first and foremost looking to engage with the brand.

By focusing on what users wish to achieve, it is possible to catch a glimpse of what they are looking for and in which situation but the most important is to know why, within the same profile, some manage to achieve their objectives while others stop browsing.

More than 380 million sessions were analyzed on more than 100 e-commerce websites, across 11 business sectors and 7 countries to understand the differences in browsing behavior by type of Internet user in the last few months by ContentSquare.

Guiding the novice to the product page: your objective

The characteristics of a novice usernovice_ID

We could not begin our portrait gallery without him. Accounting for 12% of new website visitors, the novice is curious by nature and looking to be amazed. Like a genuine trailblazer, they enthusiastically start out to discover your website. On average, they spend 46% more time on the website than the average new visitor. 

Even if they do not make a purchase during this first visit, the initial experience is crucial: 50% of the novices will return to the website at least once.

If they are looking for specific products, only one in two novices, however, will reach the product page. At what stade they disengage?

A closer look at Luis’ browsing

Let’s have a closer look to a novice user, called Luis, looking for new DIY tools. He must also understand how the website functions. Luis is therefore faced with a dual challenge.

While Luis is on a break, he begins to visit the first website. The homepage is not very attractive, but the novice is not the type to give up. So he tries to continue browsing by viewing a few category pages, but he cannot find the right category. His efforts are in vain, so he leaves the website.


Few minutes later, same setting. Luis in on a second DIY website. On the homepage, several categories attract his attention. After browsing through all content on the page, he embarks on the navigation and lets himself be guided towards his dream product. His frustration is gone.


Why such a difference between the two clickstreams towards the product page?

Identifying the problem: it all depends on the homepageHp_novice

A comparison of browsing data reveals that Luis will be more likely to continue his journey if he is more captivated by the homepage.

As a result, this stage is where a successful experience begins, which may gently guide him towards the product page.

Make the most of the “easily pleased” nature of novice by giving them something worth seeing: only 10% bounce, compared with 75% for new visitors on average.

Reversing the trends: start understanding what the novice is attempting to achieve to act accordingly

  • Learn more about your brand’s identity as soon as they start browsing. If they can find the right content, the more active novice will continue browsing.
  • Be reassured thanks to the information on the services provided.
  • Be guided while browsing: a novice who fails to understand what you are offering will make clicking errors, which will make them quit.

Open infinite possibilities for this very willing new visitor to ensure their return. If they are won over, their second visit will result in a purchase.


Discover more actions to turn the novice into customer in downloading the report “ The 5 essential e-commerce personas”