3 Questions with Top French eCommerce Marketplace Cdiscount

3 Questions with Top French eCommerce Marketplace Cdiscount

Wendy Carré
December 11, 2020
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Our French team sat down with Hugo Larricq, the Head of Sales Operations at Cdiscount, a leading French eCommerce website, to pick his brain on Cdiscount’s partnership strategy and hear his perspective on how eCommerce will evolve over the next few years. 

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Here’s what Hugo Larricq had to share with the Contentsquare team:


Cdiscount has diversified a lot over the last few years, particularly through partnerships such as Easycash and Pourdebon. How do these partnerships fit into your eCommerce strategy?

Cdiscount has a different partnership strategy for each of our markets. These partnerships help us explore new markets and test how well our products and services are received. It's also an opportunity to team up with experts in markets where Cdiscount doesn't have a presence, helping us to attract and retain new customers by giving a wide range of offers to as many people as possible.


How do you think the digital customer experience on marketplace websites will change in the future? 

Customers are looking for a fluid, personalized, and uniform experience. They want a seamless journey, whether they are buying a product from the company itself or from a partner. Delivery estimates and costs must converge – along with customer service – with a shared NPS.

We have set up a fulfillment department, which stores and ships products by Cdiscount. This means vendors can benefit from Cdiscount's logistics expertise.


In your opinion, what will the e-consumer's profile type be over the next few years?

This year’s lockdown has significantly accelerated the fundamental trends at the core of digital use. Beyond eCommerce, the French have adopted a "digital reflex" which was previously reserved for a limited section of the population. Now, most people know how they can use digital in new areas of their life, be it working from home, e-learning, telehealth, or even attending a virtual workout or cooking workshop. These trends are probably here to stay. According to FEVAD, or the French eCommerce Federation, 36% of French people believe that the lockdown will have a lasting impact on their consumer habits, leading to them ordering more online. 

The new e-consumer will also be mobile and expect a personalized experience that spans from every ad they see down to the products they’re recommended on-site. E-consumers will also be more responsible in their purchases, preferring to shop for local, second-hand, refurbished, and repaired products.

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3 questions with
Top French eCommerce Marketplace Cdiscount
Hugo Larricq, Head of Sales Operations, Cdiscount


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