3 highlights from our Humanizing Digital CX virtual event


Nea Bjorkqvist

February 22, 2022 | 3 min read

We recently hosted our Virtual Champagne Breakfast Power to the people: Humanizing digital CX with Nordic leaders Ideal of Sweden and Scania. 

The event was action-packed with practical tips, expert insights, and even a dedicated Spotify playlist (our host Wilfrid gathered everyone’s fave tunes into one epic playlist 🎵 listen to it here). We had talks on all things customer experience, from digital psychology and user testing, to what the future of CX looks like. 

In case you missed it or just want a refresher, here’s a quick recap of what went down:


1. Digital CX and the age of information DJs 

Our very own Wilfrid Kroath, Nordic Success Executive at Contentsquare kicked off the event with his take on CX. He says, “We are no longer living in the age of records, we are living in the age of Information DJs.”

So, what does this mean? Wilfrid gave the example of TEDX, the go-to channel for the latest trends and best inspirational speakers. He explains that “Information DJs are here to go through all the items that you would search for yourself and compile it into one platform”

Contentsquare event slide But why on earth did Wilfrid talk about Information DJs? Well, Wilfrid links Contentsquare as the information DJ of humanizing digital experiences. He asserts that building digital trust, accessibility, and the reliability of data are all extremely important, and bringing these all into one platform or “Information DJ” is paramount for Contentsquare.

“If I think of human experiences, it’s about understanding the customer. It’s about getting a contextual insight into the customers’ unique behaviors into their feelings, into the intent, and at the end of the day, at every touchpoint of the journey…What we want to do in our business is build empathy and create a lasting impact. That’s what it’s all about”
– Wilfrid Kroath, Nordic Success Executive at Contentsquare


2. Testing what triggers your users to act based on digital psychology 

Christoffer Kjellberg, CRO Manager, from Ideal of Sweden, an innovative fashion and lifestyle brand for accessories, gave his breakdown of digital psychology and user testing. 

He started by introducing the two systems behind how consumers make decisions to purchase: System 1 is the emotional side, and 95% of our daily brain usage, whereas system 2 is rooted in logical thinking. Christoffer described that “If you were to differentiate the two. I would say that it’s heart vs brain”

This means that consumers will decide whether your store is the place for them or not within seconds. Christoffer explained that “95% of our decision making happens unconsciously. So when potential customers come to our website, they ask themselves without knowing if this is the best solution for me and my problems.” 

Event slide Ideal of SwedenThroughout the session, he also shared how they’ve increased conversion rates by building extra motivation to buy, using tactics like creating a sense of urgency, social validation, and building user trust:

“In order to increase conversion rate, we need to increase the person’s motivation to purchase. There’s a lot of analytical and testing work behind this to understand what the main triggers are and the extra motivation that you might need today, especially if you haven’t purchased from Ideal of Sweden before might be the Contentsquare25 discount code. Users are always looking for the best possible solutions for them. And competitors are only a click away”

– Christoffer Kjellberg, CRO Manager at Ideal of Sweden


3. Scania on the future of CX

Hamed Yahyaei UX, CX Service & Strategic Designer at Scania Group, shared his passion for customer experience during his thought-provoking presentation on the future of CX. 

He challenged the audience to think about digital CX from a completely new perspective and introduced the 3PX (people, planet, and profit.)

Hamed highlighted the importance of balancing all three Ps in the future of customer experience: 

“The future of customer experience is more complex and goes beyond traditional customer-centricity…it is more about balancing people, profit, and planet. All should be balanced to create a good customer experience. We have to be very sensitive towards the business aspect and at Scania — we have this term ‘We are partners with our customers’ and when we see that our customers are profitable then, we know that we can be profitable as well.”

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