Amazon Web Services

"When ContentSquare came onto the market six years ago, choosing AWS as its cloud computing solution was a no-brainer. Not only was the platform way ahead of its competitors in terms of services, it was the trusted go-to solution for many startups, and had a solid reputation for reliability and scalability.” - Mathias Leveque, CTO, Contentsquare

The Challenge

Collecting every consumer interaction and computing billions of touch and mouse movements comes with significant technical challenges. Contentsquare routinely handles colossal volumes of data (more than 1 TB a day), storing around 1 PB of data at any given time.

Why We Chose AWS

As a new startup on an accelerated growth trajectory, Contentsquare was fast extending its range of services, and its data handling and storage needs were evolving at the pace of innovation. AWS was versatile enough to keep up with this ambitious early growth period. The platform’s ease of use also allowed the original team to handle large volumes of data right off the bat, without having to manage the complexity of such an operation in-house.

Another deciding factor was the number of services available through AWS. Contentsquare had no way of predicting exactly what its capabilities — or indeed tech needs — would be in the future, and AWS was broad and versatile enough to keep up with the fast evolution of its product.

Helping Contentsquare Deliver Its Promise To Clients

Contentsquare prides itself on being a client focused company, delivering the utmost level of service to its partner brands. Data exhaustivity, retroactivity, speed to insight, high standards of security and compliance with regulations — reliability and availability are key architectural requirements, underpinning all of the platform’s capabilities.

Being able to collect and store data and on a very large scale is key to Contentsquare being able to fulfill its promise to brands, and today the platform uses more than thirty AWS services.

Services We Use

S3 enables affordable storage on a massive scale, in multiple regions, and with an impressive durability guarantee of 99.99%.

Adopting an integrated service like CloudFront means Contentsquare can guarantee its clients 100% availability of its tracking system and a speedy load time for its tracking tag.

And using the Redshift data warehouse allows Contentsquare to access several dozen TB of data using SQL, without any of the maintenance headaches associated with administering a database cluster — a huge time and resource saver.

AWS cloud services encourage full user autonomy and in six years of use, Contentsquare has never run into any issue with any of the services, and has always received excellent and timely support.

Another key benefit of using the platform is that it allows Contentsquare to include open-source technologies for a more customized solution to its data-related needs.

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