Contentsquare for Ecommerce Teams

Turn browsing shoppers into converting customers by ensuring every step of the journey meets your customer's needs.

Get conclusive insights and attribution to answer:

How can I quantify the monetary value of each page and content element?

How can we improve our merchandising by optimising product placement, content and pricing?

How can I pinpoint what confuses customers and where they struggle?

How can I increase completions for every lead form and checkout step?

Surface opportunities to acquire, convert and retain more shoppers

Whether at the individual, segment or shopper level, connect conversion and revenue metrics to actual customer behaviour. Gain fast insights to improve overall journeys as well as to optimise each page – including product detail pages, gift guides and checkout steps –  to acquire, convert and retain more shoppers.

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Quickly resolve barriers to conversion

Identify and quantify problematic patterns to help determine improvement priorities. Uncover and quantify deviations in crucial KPIs fast. Identify and implement resolutions fast to recover potential losses in conversion and revenue. Gain AI Alerts to be notified when anomalies happen and drop into features such as Session Replay for immediate diagnosis.

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Conduct better tests and make faster data-driven decisions

Extract and interpret behavioural data to inform hypotheses and create winning testing strategies. Identify and remediate usability issues affecting in-page experiences to improve conversions. Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback from customers and quantify its impact.

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Automatically surface insights to increase conversions

Get a custom view of the metrics you and your team care about most for specific items of content that you want to monitor. Set AI Alerts for certain KPIs related to your content which will notify you when they change dramatically

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Understand which products to promote on your website and how to optimise online sales performance, by combining customer journey insights, granular data on your product catalog, and your competitors’ pricing. All in the same place.

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"Contentsquare has made our lives so much easier — not only can we see how each element of content performs, it also shows us how visitors journey through the site, giving us all the information we need to make decisions confidently. The visualisation makes the data easy to consume, and today the team uses Contentsquare as part of its daily decision-making process and whenever we are thinking about UX design.”

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