Struggle Analysis

Don't let friction and errors spoil the experiences you build. Identify the journeys, frustrations and errors that impact conversion. Troubleshoot faster to resolve issues and recover potential revenue and leads.

Friction Detection

Let Contentsquare pinpoint where within journeys and pages customers are frustrated and why. Discover journey anomalies such as looping behaviours and in-page issues such as unresponsive call to actions and slow loading pages.

Site Error Impact Scoring

Identify the top recurring errors ranked by how much they impacted conversion. Drill into Session Replays to understand the steps leading up to the issues so you can drive resolution more quickly.

Page Error Impact Scoring

Understand which pages are most fraught with errors that impact KPIs. Quantify the impact errors are having on the KPIs and understand what is happening in greater detail through Session Replays to drive resolution.

With Struggle Analysis, your most important issues get solved fast

Recover potential revenues losses faster

Shortcut to Session Replay to see and and share key visitor struggles firsthand

Understand and rank performance and UX issues in one place

Prioritise and resolve your most impactful site issues first

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