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Contentsquare launches startup incubator-accelerator: Atomic Labs

Based in central Paris, Atomic Labs brings transformative technology startups together under one roof to fuel their growth.

Accelerator Program

Contentsquare’s Accelerator Program (Atomic Accelerate) will empower selected startups in accelerating their product development and growth by giving them access to Contentsquare’s talent, network technologies and data.

Incubator Program

Contentsquare’s Incubator Program (Atomic Incubate) will assist founders with innovative new ideas to help develop their product market fit and leverage Contentsquare's extensive entrepreneurs network, with unrivalled opportunities for investment and commercialization.


You will have several dedicated Contentsquare mentors and advisors to help tackle your core challenges. They will provide support for product development and help accelerate your business scale-up.

Training and workshops

You will benefit from a personalized training program designed to address your strategic needs. These training sessions will be moderated by our senior executives at Contentsquare.

Contentsquare collaboration

At the beginning of the program, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with one specific Contentsquare team. This is an opportunity to unlock additional resources for your product development.

Valuable network

You will have an opportunity to connect with talented founders of innovative startups in France and deepen connection with Contentsquare experts representing various fields of expertise.

Startups we are looking for

  • Headquartered in France 
  • Operating in one of these following business areas: Adtech, Retail, Social Impact
  • Motivated by the prospect of collaborating with Contentsquare's teams
  • For incubation: an ambitious founding team with a functioning MVP
  • For acceleration: a strong team of at least 5 people with a functioning product on the market

The First Startup that joins us

Adalong is an A.I platform for marketing teams enabling them to curate and showcase authentic content created by real people. The startup uses computer vision algorithms to analyse tens of millions of photos and videos.

Ben provides analysis of digital practices to enable top executives to save time and money when making decisions about remote work, the right to disconnect or training processes.

Barney connects brands and people through cutting edge AR experiences and 3D content.

Bodyguard's mission is to put an end to cyber-bullying and online hate.
The startup has developed a unique technology which nearly detects a hundred percent of toxic content on the internet.

  • What they think about Atomic Labs


    "I worked at Contentsquare for two years, so as soon as I heard about Atomic Labs, I immediately saw there was a collaboration opportunity.
    Our goal is to change the future of marketing and make sure it reflects better the diversity of creativity, opinions and people's lifestyle."

    - Thomas Franquelin, CTO

  • What they think about Atomic Labs


    "We want to become the first actors to collect data on AR content and 3D experiences.
    Today, only Contentsquare has the technology to provide this kind of recommendations. Our dream goal at Barney is to turn every eCommerce experience into entertainment.”

    - Benjamin Chiche, CEO.

  • What they think about Atomic Labs

    "Contentsquare is the leader in experience analytics. With Ben we want to help companies understand the digital experience of their employees. It was clear for us that we had to join Atomic Labs by Contentsquare.”

    - César Lacombe, CEO.

  • What they think about Atomic Labs


    "To have a partner such as Atomic Labs is very critical to us. Having access to mentors, advisors and potential clients is extremely helpful.”

    - Charles Cohen, CEO.

Contact us

For any questions feel free to reach the Atomic Labs team at:
[email protected]

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Our Partners 

Historical partner of Contentsquare on cloud solutions, AWS Activate supports our startups in their cloud development. With AWS Activate we will set up a series of Big Data, I.A & machine learning workshops.

Fayard is a French publishing company created in 1857. With Fayard we want to help our startups bring their pitch and their overall narration to the next level. Startups will have access to experts who will support and challenge their speech.

ORCOM KVB secures the creation of startups by promoting business development with strong teams in an innovative environment.

Frenchtech is a key actor in the french startup ecosystem. The Tremplin initiative makes entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone, thanks to financial support and mentorship.

With Microsoft, we aim at building a brand new program dedicated to Artificial Intelligence for Retail. It is the opportunity to combine our expertise and our ecosystem to identify and support the next startups that will shake up the commerce industry.