Workspace features dashboards with a custom view of the metrics you and your team care about most. Track key KPIs and monitor performance so you can spend less time digging for data and more time actioning insights. Use AI Insights for alerts to anomalies, issues and opportunities.

Page Performance Dashboards

Easily monitor and compare experience metrics for any set of pages. Work with your team to improve specific journeys or groups of landing pages.

KPI Dashboards

Align your team around a single set of experience metrics to measure your customer experience, conversion and revenue goals.

1-Click Setup

Found a metric or segment your team needs to keep an eye on? Create a dashboard widget with a single click.

With Workspaces, get a tailored view of your website performance

  • target

    See just the metrics you care about

  • employees

    Empower every team with custom dashboards

  • fast

    Give product owners a quick view of key performance metrics

"When you look at your data maturity roadmap, you want to head towards this democratization of data. Contentsquare has been the difference. Where everyone’s got access, they’ve got their own workspace and it’s so easy to use, it’s been very self-starting for everyone — it’s not been owned by just the analyst."

Jennifer North

Head of Digital Experience

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