2020 Digital Experience Benchmark

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll find the data you need to see where your brand stands, what to aim for, and ways to improve on the digital experience metrics that really matter. How do you stack up?
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In the report, you'll find:

  • Comparison metrics per vertical across desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Industry-specific insights and tips from digital experience experts.

  • Benchmark behavioral data for every stage of the conversion journey.

Did you know...

  • capture

    Site Entry

    55% of all web traffic is mobile

  • path

    Site Experience

    69% of all website content is unseen

  • conversion


    3.5% average desktop conversion rate across all industries



The methodology behind the report

Over 7 billion user sessions analyzed

  • For this report we analyzed more than 7 billion user sessions. The data represents over 400 web and mobile sites across 10 industries.
  • Data in the report represents global averages using data from customers across the world.
  • We used Artificial Intelligence to extract insights from the data, allowing brands to benchmark their digital performance to industry averages.